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Why I Started

Nomadic RV Living

In August 2016 while driving home from work in Dallas traffic during a hot summer, and from a job that I didn't really enjoy, I finally realized "I can't do this anymore".  I somehow found out about this lifestyle by watching the documentary "Without Bound" and discovered full-time RV living.  Over the following two years I binged on YouTube videos about travelling and living in an RV.  In the summer of 2018 I started my YouTube channel Nomadic RV Living to document my transition from living in a house (sticks & bricks) to full-time RV living.

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My Story

I have been a city dweller all my life and moved to the Dallas area in 1975, well actually my parents moved us since I was only 11.  I started delivering newspapers when I was 14 and have worked ever since.  I have only taken a dozen or so vacations, and never traveled much during my career. 

I have also been a full-time single Dad since 2008, and while I have been blessed with two wonderful sons, I am now ready for "David time". So after working since 1978, being stuck in suburbia (concrete jungle), and  being "responsible for others", I am now ready to travel and see this great country. 


I have a new saying, "I don't know where I am going or where I will end up, but I sure am not going to spend my golden retirement years in Carrollton, Texas".  I hope you follow me along this journey, wherever it may lead.  

Steps to Financial Freedom and Early Retirement | How to Get Out of the Rat Race

Steps to Financial Freedom and Early Retirement | How to Get Out of the Rat Race

Do you have a strategy to achieve financial independence, retiring early, and at least want the option of getting out of the rat race? In this video I share ten strategies that are proven, and if followed, will help you achieve your financial goals. The financial independent retire early (FIRE) movement is popular and is really achievable if you have a plan, goal, and stick with it. This channel is about my transition from the corporate world to the nomadic RV life. Even if full-time RV is not your desire, these steps will help you retire early and not have to wait for social security. The following products I have personally purchased, currently using, and highly recommend. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support. Camera Microphone Tripod Front Dash Cam Rear Dash Cam Computer Truck floor mats Tire air compressor Tire pressure gauge Deer whistle Road hazard triangles Universal towing mirrors Sabre pepper gel Bike Lock No-See-Um Netting SUV Rving Book #NomadicRVLiving #EarlyRetirement #RatRace

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